Bump and run championship

October 8th at the croswell fairgrounds stk and mod fwd bump and run championship along with a heat of motor swap and fwd Stock derbys 2000 to win mod 1000 to win stk bnr 1000 to win ms derby 800 to win stk fwd derby 

Motor swap class is added for derby championship

We have added motor swap class to the derby championship September 10th.

Bump n run championship is now in croswell october 8th

We have moved the bump and run championship to croswell October 8th. 

St clair 4h

Attention everyone coming to the st clair figure 8 July 23rd start time is 4pm not 7pm as listed on the schedule.

USA under New Ownership for 2022 Racing Season!

As current events have proven, life is unpredictable!

USA would like to announce that John Pool-Sova is the proud, new owner of USA.

Jack would like to thank everyone that has raced and worked with USA over the last 4 years. 
So many of you have become friends and we will miss being a part of your summer! 
However, a new road has opened up and he is moving onward and forward.
Thank you for your kind thoughts and best wishes as this new journey begins.

John loves this sport and he will do his best to make USA even bigger and better.
Please give him your full support!

Congratulations John Pool-Sova!

Richmond Good Old Days, 9/10, Figure 8 Winners

The last figure 8 before championship is on the books and points winners have been recorded. 

Congratulations Drivers!

MOD FWD Figure 8 Winners:
1st – Dillion Muylaert #904
2nd – Michael Heisler #68
3rd – Rich Trudo #921
4th – Leonard Marsh #311
5th – Drew Capp #F4
6th – Ben Alleman #11
Stock FWD Figure 8 Winners:
1st – James Palmreuter #69J
2nd – Tyler Asher #311x
3rd – Cody Ayers #2EZ
RWD Figure 8 Winners:
1st – CJ Milton #74
2nd – Jason Barabe #510
3rd – Jason Goff #500
4th – Butch Milton #34
5th – Chad Palmreuter #187
6th – Aaron Smith #131
Youth Bump ‘n’ Run Winners:
1st – Breanna Roe #R03
2nd – Keith Edgerton #921

And the Figure 8 points winners are…
FWD MOD: 1st – Kyle Kortier #13K, and 2nd – Cody Argo #2XL
FWD Stock is James Palmreuter #69J
RWD : 1st – Chad Palmreuter #187, and 2nd – John Pool Sova #11x

Hope to see everyone in Munger on Saturday, 9/18,  for the USA Figure 8 Championship event.
Meet and Greet with the Drivers and their sweet race cars at 3PM, 5:30 is Power Wheels for Kids3-10, 6PM the Race Begins!

Richmond Good Old Days, 9/9, Bump ‘n’ Run Winners

USA put another great bump ‘n’ run race in the books here at the Richmond Good Old Days.

Congratulations Drivers!

Bump ‘n’ Run Winners
A Main:
1st – Michael Heisler #68
2nd – Tom Heisler #515
3rd – Rich Trudo #921
4th – Mike Davis #870
5th – Jonathon Thompson #24
6th – Lexi Hill #787
7th – Jerry Kile #99
8th – Heather Wise #906
B Main:
1st – Dale Miron #919
2nd – Jacob Christy #8
3rd – John Bellmer #17
Youth Class Bump ‘n’ Run Winners:
1st – Keith Edgerton #410
2nd – Collin Hurley #57
3rd – CC Mutz #157

There is only 1 Bump ‘n’ Run race left for this year and it’s a CHAMPIONSHIP! All drivers welcome.
It will be held on 9/25 at the Sandusky Fairgrounds at 3PM. Hope to see everyone there!

Saline AutoCross Championship, 9/5, Winners

It was a bittersweet day as the last autocross race for the 2021 USA racing season was hosted by the Saline County Fair.
However, drivers, take a well deserved break, but don’t forget that the 2022 racing season will be here sooner than you realize! So, get to work prepping a faster, stronger car because fans will be ready to cheer louder than ever for their favorite USA drivers.

Congratulations Drivers!

MOD AutoCross Winners
A Main:
1st – Kyle Kortier #13K
2nd – Mike Heisler #68
3rd – Dave Machler #x97
4th – Eric Gilbert #28G
5th – Mike Vail #V90
6th – Dustin Staton #22s
7th – Todd Kerr #523
8th – Todd White #1217
B Main:
1st – Adam Hall #13
2nd – Brendon Doyle #17b
3rd – Todd Gilbert #48G
Stock AutoCross Winners:
1st – Kyle Kortier #13K
2nd – Robert Jaques #45
3rd – Ben Linton #42
Heat Winners: Kevin Rochon #927, Kyle Kortier #13K, David Laney #18

See everyone in 2022! 😆 

Chippewa County Fair, 9/1, Winners

USA had another great night of racing fun in Upper Michigan. These racers show their heart and passion for the sport every time they get on a track which makes real entertainment value for their fans. Thanks again to Chippewa County Fair for allowing USA Demolition Derbies to be the motorsports promoter for your venue. Also, thank you https://www.anytimetowingssm.com/ for sponsoring additional prizes for the drivers!

Congratulation Drivers!

Stock AutoCross Winners:
1st – Lewis O’Brien #57
2nd – Travis Gardner #89
3rd – Todd Joseph #610
Heat Winners:
Kyle Maleport 
Todd Joseph
Shaun Davis
Travis Gardner
Lewis O’Brien
Takoda Krogh
Mini Van Derby Winners:
1st – Chad Sauls #99
2nd – Shaun Davis #007
3rd – Hunter Lambert #12x

The racing season is almost finished. Mark the dates for next week:
Saline County Fair 9/1 for AutoCross Championship 

Richmond Good Old Days 9/9 for a Bump ‘n’ Run, 9/10 for a Figure 8,  and 9/11 for Derby Championship!

Chippewa County Fair, 8/31, Winners

Thank you Chippewa County Fair for welcoming us back to Upper Michigan for a FULL night of racing! 

Congratulations Drivers!

Stock Bump ‘n’ Run Winners:
1st – Emily McKechnie #66x
2nd – Jeffrey Causley II #199
3rd – David Burke #22
4th – Dylan Vollick #83
Heat Winners:
Kenneth Holm #77x
Jeffrey Causley II #199
Shane Albon #777
Dylan Vollick #83
David Burke #22
Lewis Obrien #57
Shaun Davis #3
Mini Van Bump ‘n’ Run Winners:
1st – Hunter Lambert #12x
2nd – Shaun Davis #007
3rd – Brett McKenzie #88
RWD Derby Winners:
1st – Steven Perrault #13
2nd – Kayla Weber #97
3rd – Ronald McKechnie #3
Pretty Car Winner:
Christopher Porcaro #33D

USA will be at Saline County Fair on Sunday, 9/5, for our AutoCross Championship.
All drivers welcome! Hope to see you there.